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Ingrown toenail: Learn more

What is an ingrown toenail?

As the term suggests, an ingrown toenail grows inward and gets buried into the skin.

Why is an ingrown toenail painful?

An ingrown toenail is painful because it constantly pushes on the skin adjacent to the nail.

Why is there new tissue growing near the ingrown toenail?

The new tissue, or excess granulation, growing near the ingrown toenail is the reaction of the skin from the continuous pressure made by the buried nail.

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Why is antibiotic treatment not effective?

Antibiotics may be effective for mild cases of ingrown toenail. If antibiotics have not been effective, you might be suffering from a more severe form of ingrown toenail.

How is relief from a severe ingrown toenail obtained?

Relief is obtained by removing the buried (ingrown) part of the nail. This is a 10-minute office procedure performed under a digital nerve block. The entire toe is anesthetized and the ingrown part of the nail is removed, giving instant relief.

Will the entire nail be removed?

No, only the ingrown portion of the nail is removed.

Is surgery needed for all cases of ingrown toenail?

Not all cases of ingrown toenail need surgery. A proper assessment will be made upon your consultation and the most appropriate treatment will be given.

Is the surgery for ingrown toenail painful?

Some discomfort is felt upon giving the anesthesia. When the anesthetic takes effect, the entire toe becomes numb, making the surgery surprisingly painless.

Where will the surgery be done?

Our doctors perform the operation at St. Luke's Medical Center QC.

How can I set an appointment for the surgery?

You may set an appointment online by using this form.

How should I prepare for the surgery?

If you take aspirin, please discontinue the drug seven days before the scheduled surgery.

Will the nail re-grown after it is removed?

Yes, the nail will re-grow after the ingrown nail is removed.

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